Main lineage of Sant Mat Masters in Kali Yuga

Main lineage of Sant Mat Masters in Kali Yuga

39. True prayer

November 8, 1968

I was just defining prayer, what it is and how it should be done. First of all, we always pray to somebody in whom we are fully confident that He can give us what we want. Second, we will also be confident that He is competent to give it. We should first have full conviction that there is a God, or there is a Guru, or that somebody exists who will listen to our prayer.

37. Love versus lust (II)

January 31, 1968

36. Love versus lust (I)

January 30, 1968

35. Whom should we love? (II)

January 28,1968

34. How can we please the Master?

January 27, 1968

IF the Master or the Guru is pleased with you, then be rest assured that God is pleased with you, because God is manifested in Him. If at the heart of hearts He is not pleased with you, then who can approach Him to be kind to you? If God is displeased, there is a way, there is a place where you can approach. That place is where God is manifest, the God-in-man. If the God-in-man is displeased, there is no place.

33. What is love?

January 25, 1968

32. How to love God

January 24, 1968

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