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Considered by many people who met him in the East and in the West to have been a living example of a true Saint of spirituality, Kirpal Singh was born in a rural setting in Sayyad Kasran in the Punjab (then in India, now in Pakistan) on February 6, 1894. He followed the career of a civil servant in the government of India,
and retired on his own pension in 1947. Following instructions from his Master (Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, 1858-1948), he founded and directed RUHANI SATSANG. He was Commissioned by God and authorized by his Master to carry forward the spiritual work of contacting sincere seekers after God with the WORD (or NAAM). He continued in that capacity until he left the earth plane on August 21, 1974. Elected four times, consecutively, as President of the World Fellowship of Religions, he upheld the truth that, though the various religions are different schools of thought, the Aim of all religions is One and the Same. Kirpal Singh visited the major cities in the United States on the occasions of each of his three world tours: in 1955, in 1963-64, and again in 1972, staying in this country for three months or more, each time. From his intent study at the feet of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj and from his own personal inner experiences of a spiritual nature, Kirpal Singh was eminently qualified to convey to sincere people everywhere the importance of self knowledge and God realization.


Dedicated to the Almighty God
working through all Masters Who have come
and Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj
at whose Lotus Feet
the author imbibed sweet Elixir of Holy Naam - the Word


From Kirpal Singh's 1970 Birthday Message:

You will receive further help and encouragement when you read my latest book, entitled "Morning Talks", which is now in the final stages of publication. These talks, which were given by me in the mornings at the time a number of dear ones from the West were staying here at the Ashram, cover almost every facet of what is required to progress on the Way back to God, and succeed one another in such a way as to form a God-given spiritual textbook.







First published by Ruhani Satsang Delhi, 1970
Second Edition, 1972
Third Edition, 1974
This Edition published in 1981 by Ruhani satsang
Fourth Edition, 1981
This Edition published in 1988 by Ruhani satsang
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