To Seekers After Truth

Dear Ones:

I received much appreciative encouragement from many a dear one when Circular No. 17 was issued and released in August 1961. This helped a lot in some ways and many aspirants benefitted therefrom. A similar communication is being released now for your guidance and assimilation.

A tiny seed contains a mighty oak in its heart which can blossom into fullness by proper nourishment and protection. All young and tender saplings do need hand-watering, periodical weeding, fertilising and protective hedging against the stray wayside cattle so that the saplings are not harmed. In due course of time the tree grows into full maturity, providing shade and shelter to the wayside travellers and becoming a source of help and inspiration to others. Exactly in the same manner, the Holy Seed of Initiation thrives best in a rich and fertile soil formed of high ethical values and loving compassion. A divine stir by the Living Master of the soul in man is a happy start for the long spiritual journey ahead. You have been therefore invariably advised to do self-introspection which helps in developing fertility and in germinating the divinity to full bloom. The five cardinal virtues enumerated in the prescribed self-introspective diary* aid immeasurably in covering the entire field of ethics, and help a lot to invoke the Divine Mercy. All these are discussed briefly under their headings.

Kirpal Singh

* See "innermost spread" for a sample suggestion (front and back) of a self-introspection diary sheet.
This may be enlarged and printed in quantity for the benefit of the interested seeker.


Truth is higher than everything
but higher still is true living. Truth
and true living are not exclusive of
each other but go together; one
supplements the other and their
combination forms the God-like life.
One who practices true living will
always earn his living by the sweat
of his brow and feed himself and his
family on rightly procured foods
consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts,
cereals and permitted dairy
products. Furthermore, he will be
honest and aboveboard in his
dealings with others.