Songs of the Masters

SANT BANI ASHRAM Sanbornton, New Hampshire



Combined, revised edition, 1988, 2000 copies

Combined, revised edition, Appendix II added, 1992, 1500 copies Combined, revised edition, Appendix III added, 1996, 2000 copies
This volume contains the combined, revised versions of three original bhajan books and a current revision of the combined editions. We have changed the indications for lines which are repeated and have eliminated many instructions for the sangat's responses; we recognize and respect the fact that "local versions" are sung differently in many places. The bhajans included are our attempt at a close approximation of the way they are sung in the U.S. All the songs have been sung at Sant Ji's ashram in India, approved by Sant Ji for inclusion, and the translations and transliterations have been checked by Raj Kumar Bagga ("Pappu").
Included at the inside-top of some pages are code numbers which indicate in which of the original three books, and on which page, a bhajan appeared previously. For example, 1/28 would mean that the song appeared in book 1, on page 28. There are three appendices containing recent bhajans by Sant Ji, added in 1988, 1992 and 1996.
The transliterations aim to represent the actual Punjabi or Hindi words which make up the bhajans - not the sounds of those words when sung. By listening to the tapes of these bhajans (available from The Sant Bani Tape Service), you will be able to learn them fairly easily. Keep in mind that Punjabi and Hindi consonants may stand alone without a vowel-in fact the vowels have an "a" sound built in, therefore words such as "Kabir" and "Satguru" might be sung as "Kabir-a" and "Sat-a-guru."
As Sant Ji has said the most important thing is that they be sung with love.