Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj

Guru Angad Dev Ji MaharajHe was born "Lehna" at Matte ki Sarai, district Ferozepur to Pheru and Mata Daya. He married Bibi Khivi and had a daughter, Amro and 2 sons, Datu and Dasu. He was initially a devotee of Shakti and used to go on annual pilgrimage to Jwalamukhi. He came across one Jodha, a devotee of Guru Nanak in his village, Khadur and during one such pilgrimage, after hearing 'Asa di Var', he visited Guru Nanak at Kartarpur and remained on at his feet for ever. He served his Guru with great devotion and passing the difficult test of implicit obeyance to construct a broken wall during rain and eating of a corpse (which turned into a sweet-dish!), he was chosen his successor. He was very fond of children and considered them worthy of emulation.

He would take care of the sick and lepers. The institution of Langar was greatly expanded by him. A few of his verses are included in 'Granth Sahib'. Emperor Humayun, having been defeated by Shershah, visited him. Angered at having to wait, he wished to kill the Guru, but his sword would not come out of his scabbard, but was forgiven and given the boon of victory. Guru Angad devised the Gurmukhi script and had Guru Nanak Ji's biography written by Bhai Bala, who was associated with him since childhood and accompanied him on his journeys along with Bhai Mardana, a Muslim Rabbab-player. He passed away after handing over successorship to Amar Das, after duly testing him.