Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj

Guru Ram Das Ji MaharajBorn "Jetha" at Lahore to Haridas Sodhi and Mata Daya, he married Bibi Bhani, daughter of Guru Amar Das Ji and had 3 sons, Prithichand, Mahadev and Arjan Dev. His Guru, pleased with him for passing tests such as repeated construction of a portico and with Bibi Bhani for supporting his 3-legged cot while he meditated upon it, gave them boon that Gurudom would remain for generations in their family, but would be full of tribulations since she had dammed the flow of its tradition.

He was destituted at an early age and had to struggle hard for his living and traded in boiled gram. He was known to be truthful and gentle from his very childhood and was a model of humility and served the needy with all his heart. He did great physical sewa during the construction of the tank at Goindwal. He created the holy city Amritsar and its holy pond. Thereafter he busied himself in his mission's. He appointed "Mansads" for spreading the faith and his fame spread far and wide and many holy men came to his feet. Srichand, Guru Nanak's son, who founded the 'Udasi' faith, visited him and asked the reason for his long beard and was greatly pleased when he replied that it was for wiping his feet. His bani compiled in the 'Holy Granth' is full of love and devotion to the Guru. He found his son, Arjan most obedient of his sons as he readily agreed to go to a wedding at his bidding. His two jealous elder sons tried to do away with Arjan's letters seeking to return, but were exposed. He passed away after handing over his mantle to Arjan Dev Ji.