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A rövidítések feloldása

A rövidítések feloldása:

ELNYS     Excerpts from Letters to New York Satsangis

FCS     Foreign Correspondence of Sawan Singh

G     Godman

JH     The Jewel of Happiness

LK     Light of Kirpal

ML     The Messages of Love (A szeretet üzenete)

MT     Morning Talks

MW     Meditation and Withdrawal

NSK     New Songs to Kirpal

OL     The Ocean of Love

S     Spirituality

SD     Streams in the Desert

SB     Sant Bani Magazine

SG     Spiritual Gems

SM     Songs of the Masters

SPP     Seven Paths to Perfection

SS     Sat Sandesh Magazine

TKS1     Teachings of Kirpal Singh, Volume 1. 

TKS2     Teachings of Kirpal Singh, Volume 2.

TKS3     Teachings of Kirpal Singh, Volume 3.

TW     The Two Ways

WS     The Way of the Saints

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